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Helping companies thrive.

Data is growing and evolving every day. That's why at Western Digital, we're growing and evolving our relationships every day too. Collaborating with smart, innovative startups to reshape how data is captured, preserved, accessed and transformed.

Uniting the people and ideas that make the future of data a reality. We believe there's no better use of our capital, expertise, and industry connections, than unlocking the full potential of the future.

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Our Team

Our team includes investment bankers, venture capitalists, analysts, lawyers, consultants, mathematicians, scientists, and engineers with in-depth knowledge of technology and the storage ecosystem.

Together we provide the strategic insights and facilitate the business unit partnership opportunities necessary for companies to profitably accelerate their growth.

Mark Long
Western Digital Capital

Chief Financial Officer and
Chief Strategy Officer
Western Digital Corporation

Western Digital Capital Team

Daniel Flynn
Vice President,
Western Digital Capital and Corporate Development

Amir Fridman
Investments Israel

Kaushik Roy
Ecosystem Strategy

Corporate Development & Strategy Support Team

René Hartner

Steffen Hellmold

Priyanka Kamat

James Park

Apurva Shah

Saul Zales