Components & Subsystems

Corephotonics aims to dramatically improve smartphone photography by bridging the quality gap between compact cameras and digital still cameras using cutting-edge computational photography technology. Offering innovative camera designs which involve mechanical, optical and computational components, Corephotonics asserts that central performance limits may be transcended using advanced actuators, multi-aperture optics and advanced image processing algorithms. Corephotonics’ founding team has pioneered computational photography in commercial devices and has been active in the mobile phone market for several years.

Esperanto develops high-performance, energy-efficient computing solutions based on the open standard RISC-V ISA. We are a founding member of the RISC-V Foundation and have a passionate belief in both open instruction sets and high performance computing solutions. With many decades of processor design and architecture experience among our founding team members, we see that the changing computing workloads of the Machine Learning era mandate a new clean sheet solution that doesn't carry the baggage of existing legacy architectures.

Kazan Networks is enabling an entirely new and superior way of attaching and accessing flash storage in enterprise and hyper-scale datacenters: NVMe over Fabrics. Kazan Networks has implemented a tightly integrated, high-performance hardware implementation of the new NVMf specification. Their solution enables anything from a single SSD to an entire shelf of storage to attach via low-latency RDMA-based Ethernet; their solution is fully standard-compliant and is already demonstrated to interoperate with virtually everything already out there in the market.

SiFive was founded by the creators of the free and open RISC-V architecture as a reaction to the end of conventional transistor scaling and escalating chip design costs.

At SiFive, we believe that when open source meets hardware, a whole new range of applications become possible. We invite the makers, the inventors, and the creators. Join us and discover Freedom.

UPMEM is a fabless semiconductor company dedicated to processing in-memory (PIM). UPMEM is building a PIM solution based on an innovative processor architecture to enable the computation of data intensive operations into hundreds of programmable coprocessors sitting right next to the data. Big data applications leveraging UPMEM PIM solution are modified to dispatch and orchestrate the tasks executed by the coprocessors, from the main CPU using high-level programming languages. The UPMEM team, mixing both worldwide microelectronics and system software experts, is based in Grenoble, the French center for microelectronics and semiconductors.